Become an OBIS node

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OBIS is looking to expand its network of partners that coordinate the data collection at a local, national or international (regional) level. Currently, the OBIS network consists of 22 OBIS nodes, which connects the international OBIS with nearly 500 data providers in 56 countries.

OBIS is a project of the International Oceanographic Data and information Exchange (IODE) programme of IOC-UNESCO. OBIS nodes operate under the IODE network as either National Oceanographic Data Centres (NODCs) or Associate Data Units (ADUs).

Any (national or international) project, programme or institution can join OBIS.

Some information on OBIS, the activities of OBIS nodes and instructions on how to apply to become an OBIS node is available in a presentation at:

The application form can be downloaded here.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you need any further information.

OBIS is a project of:
IODE Sponsored by:
Martin International and Les Grands Explorateurs
With in-kind support from:
Marine Geospatial Ecology Lab, Duke University
Universidad Simón Bolívar Flanders Marine Institute

OBIS busca documentar la diversidad biológica de los océanos, distribución y abundancia de vida. Inicialmente creado por el Censo de la Vida Marina, OBIS ahora es parte de la Comisión Oceanográfica Intergubernamental (IOC) de la UNESCO, bajo el programa de Datos Internacionales Oceanográficos y el Programa de Intercambio de Información (IODE).