February 20, 2018 - OBISUK OBIS node

UK joins the OBIS network through the MBA

The Marine Biological Association (MBA) has become an IODE Associate Data Unit and joins the OBIS network as the national OBIS node for the UK. The MBA provides expertise in the archiving, management, visualization and dissemination of quality-assured marine biodiversity datasets and metadata, within the UK and internationally.

The MBA is one of the world's longest-running societies dedicated to promoting research into our oceans and the life they support. Since 1884 the MBA has been providing a unified, clear, independent voice on behalf of the marine biological community and currently have a growing membership in over 40 countries. They also run a leading marine biological research laboratory where many eminent scientists - including 7 Nobel prize winners - have carried out their research.

The MBA has a dedicated Data Team responsible for the delivery of DASSH ( DASSH is the UK national biodiversity Data Archive for marine species and habitats data, accredited through the UK Marine Environmental Data and Information Network (MEDIN). Through DASSH, the MBA collates marine biological data on behalf of the UK government and the devolved administrations (Scotland, Wales and Norther Ireland), statutory agencies, NGO's, charities and individuals. The Data Team supplies advice, tools and resources enabling maximum value to be gained from biological datasets and additionally provides guidance on compliance with UK and International legislation relating to data governance.