April 13, 2017 - OBISMalaysia OBIS node

New OBIS node in Malaysia

The Institute of Oceanography and Environment (INOS) of the University of Malaysia Terengganu joined the OBIS network as the OBIS node in Malaysia.

INOS is already an IODE Associate Data Unit as well as a Regional Training Centre under UNESCO-IOC’s OceanTeacher Global Academy. This institute is a premier centre of excellence in Malaysia that focuses its activities on oceanic and marine related research and post-graduate training.

INOS will support the OBIS activities in the Asian region and will organise an OBIS training course for Asian OBIS nodes (and candidate OBIS nodes) on 22-26 October 2017 (More information).

Since 2004, INOS manages the South China Sea Repository and Reference Centre (RRC). The collection has now more than 18,000 specimens. Over a thousand specimens are out for internal and international loan each year for teaching and research. The RRC is also a National Scientific Collection Centre for the Marine Life Inventory Programme of the National Biodiversity Scientific Collection under the Ministry of Nature Resources and Environment (NRE) and is a data provider for the Malaysia Biodiversity Information System (MyBIS).